Sorry for the delay, here are the results. :)

In the short survey “Hentai and Relationships”, 63 people answered. It was open for two weeks. While I can’t vouch for the validity or reliability of this survey’s results, I’ll just believe in you guys. <3


Majority of the respondents are in their early 20’s. Thank you for dropping by.


Four females! Don’t insist on Rule 16. You have no power here!


Twelve people indicated they are in a relationship. Two skipped.


A bit of discrepancy here. There are 19 answers but only 12 (or 14 if we consider the 2 that skipped) answered Yes in the previous question. Majority are open to their partners.


Forty-nine people answered No, but there are extra responses. Majority felt being open is the best. Some of you aren’t sure about it and very few felt for certain that your future partner will not understand.

(Optional) What do you think would be the best scenario for you and your partner when it comes to your like for hentai?

Best answers listed:

2/24/2016  – Understanding and possibly shared appreciation.

2/26/2016  – Discover that my partner too like hentais and maybe watch a romantic one together.

2/26/2016 – Acceptance of it with no questions or limitations.

2/26/2016 – I guess the best scenario would be, if she’d share the interest and we could enjoy it together. (Not only by having sexual intercourse, but also just in general -> shared joy is double joy)

2/26/2016 – I’ve always said it and always will; respect and understanding are everything. It doesn’t have to be hentai, it might be music, anime, food, anything. Understand and respect the other and all is gonna be ok (note that it doesn’t mean that she/he has to like it or be on favour). Tl;dr? Me and what I like are in the same bag, love us both or gtfo (or at least try to change me without being annoying).

2/26/2016 – I hope that she will be interested in hentai as much as I am. That way, we’ll both be on the same wavelength.

2/26/2016  – Hentai & Chill.

3/3/2016 – She will got turned on and we will do sex in reality.



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